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QS Solar production line are with American technology.

1.05MW BIPV project connected to grid

QS Solar 1.05 MWp BIPV (Building integrated Photovoltaic) project-part of the national solar energy application-was inspected on 26th, September in Jiangsu province and was connected to the grid on the next day. The inspection was carried on by experts from the national Golden Sun demonstration project. The project was reported by CCTV-4 on Oct.2nd. 

With the construction period between Sep. 2010 and Sep. 2011, the 1.05 MWp project is not only the largest thin-film PV wall in China, but so far the only A-Si thin-film PV system at a mega watt level in the process of BIPV. The total investigation is 25 million RMB, installed capacity is 1.05MW, consists of 16,160 PV modules, with estimated service life of 25 years, annual energy output approximates 1.12 million KWH, saves equivalent substitution coal of 369.6 tons annually. The emission reduction of Carbon Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide and Oxynitride is 1,051 tons, 70 tons and 5.37 tons separately. The project set a good example for the renewable energy promotion and PV cost reduction. Meanwhile, it provides the first hand data and experimental base for exploring the complementation between PV power and wind power network, the research of A-Si thin-film cells weak light effect, as well as the development of BIPV module.